Update 02/14/2018

The legacy site is now deprecated and we are moving on to other Home Automation solutions.
The Nolen house has been online since 1999 and the mobile site has been used since the early smart phone days.
Recently most of this has been moved behind a VPN at this point and not generally available to the world.
It was fun and internally we continue to use the automation features as we move towards the new Hassio platform.
The old system description that has not been updated in quite some time can be found here:
The REALLY old house before 2000 description can be found here:


I wrote this code for my online house since around 1997 and slowly added features here, migrated to different solution there, and added custom options.
Up until recently there wasn't anything that I considered easier to use or more powerful without a huge price tag so my solutions continued.
Additionally, all my controls and switches were X10 based which still works but has not long term future.
Recently discovering the Sonoff hacked switch option and adding my Robotics coding abilities I'm migrating my X10 end points to Sonoff MQTT controlled devices.