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The Nolen's Online House

Welcome to the Nolen's Online house

Online since 1999

01/2010 - The primary concentration at this time is the iPhone interface as shown below. We have accessed the house via mobile phone for years but the interface was getting old and needed more features and a better look.

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    Read the detailed (but not recently updated) information at

    Other Awesome Online Houses

    Extremely automated home in the Netherlands with tracking for nearly everything including electric, gas, and yes even toilet use... very, very cool.

    Another Domotica based home with many features and nice layout

    Another Netherlands based full control home. Online for a very long time, this house a tremendous amount of data as well.

    For the an OLD full description of the system please visit the Nolen Home Automation site.

    You can follow the house on Twitter by following;

    Why? This is an an outshoot of the @ShawneePD and @ShawneeFD that I developed.

    The house currently tweets items such as door bell use, phone rings, various motion after dark around the house (as well as notifying internally), washer and dryer activity and various other basic functions.

    If you prefer to follow a person, you can follow me - @Protowrxs.

    Right now the online features are being re-designed and will be back up at a later date.

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