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The Nolen's Online House

Welcome to the Nolen's Online house

Online since 1999

12/31/2016 - Added an Industrial / SteamPunk 3D printed lamp to the mix

Nothing really special but I wanted a tall print for a new(er) 3D printer I finally put together and liked the lamp look. Read more about the lamp and deployment here

12/2016 - Added an Alexa gateway to control the house and deployed several ESP8266-01 devices for WiFi temp and humidity logging instead of the old Arduino ProMini DHT11 long wire runs.

Read about the Alexa Interface or the ESP8266 Logging setup.

2/2015 - Honestly the web functions here are seldom used. The mobile site is what I use both internally and externally almost exclusively anymore. It's not pretty but I've gotten quite used to it and it fits the iPhone screen great and still works find on my iPad.

I know I should make it 'responsive' but I really don't care one way or another and we are the ones it's designed for anyhow.

Their really hasn't been many changes and quite a few things break here and there and eventually usually get fixed. The most recent was replacing the very old home automation server with another not quite so old machine and getting things to work on it.

Finally have the UPS back online data wise after my old 700 bit the dust. I replaced it with a 620 SmartUPS I had in the living room that still actually reports data such as voltages, battery info, load, etc.

I haven't written anything up but I've been using some Arduino Pro-Minis for some features including the pan/tilt on the webcams and to gather temps and humidity as well as rain info from my old rain gauge. Pretty handy to have them collect data and then just poll the devices for info using VBScripts to update database or stuff data into the log file table.

The mobile site should be available to all, it just doesn't have many end user functions obviously but can be found here:


Here are some older images of the mobile interface... need to update these sometime too I guess.

iphonelights.jpg (22766 bytes) iwebcam.jpg (14940 bytes)  
imotion.jpg (54589 bytes)ipower.jpg (62789 bytes)

Click on the thumbnails for larger views

Follow the House On

For the an OLD full description of the system please visit the Nolen Home Automation site.

You can follow the house on Twitter by following;

Why? This is an an outshoot of the @ShawneePD and @ShawneeFD that I developed.

The house currently tweets items such as door bell use, phone rings, various motion after dark around the house (as well as notifying internally), washer and dryer activity and various other basic functions.

If you prefer to follow a person, you can follow me - @Protowrxs.

    Read the detailed (but not recently updated) information at


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