Nolen Home Control Bar

Front Door

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Security Phone
Modes Speech Cameras
Alarm System Status System Control
Alarm Status: ARMED *
Overall Loop Status: LOOPED *
Armed Status Mode: HOME *
Burglar Siren Sounding: OFF
Fire Siren Sounding:
West Garage Door: CLOSED *
East Garage Door: CLOSED
Door Bell Last Rang: 6/18/2018 19:23 RING [View]
Today's Rings: 0

Motion Tracking

Last Outside Motion: 3/2/2018 07:43 ON NE [View]
Last Front Door Motion: NO LOG FOUND [View]
Last Back Door Motion: NO LOG FOUND Currently ON [View]
Last Vehicle Detection: 6/14/2012 13:28 ON View]
Occupied Status: OCCUPIED
Motion Notification:
Speaks outside motion hits
Motion Light Control:
Controls lights based on internal motion
Active Cameras: Driveway West / Lot cam
Front North Cam
North South Cam
Living Room Cam
Driveway (Motion/Light)
Outside North West (Motion/Light)
Outside North East
Outside South West
Outside South East
West Sidewalks
Car Port
Resync Motion/Lights


Other Security Information

Front Path Lights ON
Current Day/Night Mode Night
Alarm System
West Garage Door
East Garage Door
Driveway Recorder
Motion Notification
Motion Light Control

* Denotes Fake Information for Unauthorized Visitors

Proximity Sensing

Activity Logs

View Alarm Activity Log
View Loop Activity Log
View Driveway Video Log 

Drive Way Camera

Of course the doorbell uses the Jetson's Sound
Then tells us someone is at the front door